Welcome to Clínica la Esperanza Community Care.

We are an established primary care clinic that has served Albuquerque’s South Valley for the last seven years. Almost two years ago, we expanded to offer services to Rio Rancho. Since the inception of our clinic, our mission has always been to guarantee access to health care and to do so in financially and culturally appropriate manner.

Our growth and our philosophy have moved us into the realization that many of the most vulnerable individuals in our community are unable to receive needed services at our clinics. For this reason, a branch of our clinic named COMMINITY CARE was created.

We believe that elderly and chronically ill patients who are unable to receive primary care services at a clinic, deserve the opportunity to be evaluated and treated at home to maximize and maintain their quality of life. Patient and families often struggle to maintain medical transportation schedules, schedule acute care visits when the needs present themselves or to have a regular primary care provider with whom they can build a trusting relationship with.

Our practice is composed of health care professionals and support staff eager to demonstrate that this type of care can make a difference in preventing hospitalizations and emergency room transfers as well an in maintaining dignity and functionality. We Offer the same clinical services and commitments that we do in our clinics. These include:

  • Regularly schedule visits to manage multiple chronic conditions
  • Ability to be seen within 72 hours of a request for appropriately screened conditions
  • Radiology and laboratory work obtained at home (These services are offered by our professional partners).
  • Telehealth visits when approved by insurance carrier
  • Post hospitalization follow up